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Analysis of the Significant Concerns as well as the Author’s Arguments

History provides contributed greatly inside defining the particular world's many effective nation. the history of America can be seen as an events who have changed its social, cultural along with political institutions. Certainly, America, because it is known today, can end up being a item of the revolutions along with transformations in which occurred years ago. Your book, Bush from War through Bob Woodward is a reflection with the role associated with history inside putting your US on the map involving foreign policy.

At your break of the 21st century, your Bush Administration faced a new catastrophe that will shock not just America, but also the actual world. Any terrorist attack in American soil in September 11, 2001 forced George Bush, the particular then president involving America to consider drastic foreign policy measures to offer with the particular issue regarding terror. Your magnitude with the terror attack cannot always be underestimated, as thousands of folks died during the 9/11 attack. Woodward offers a new chronology of the declarations with the US government throughout defending the entire world coming from terrorists. Throughout essence, the book explores your interviews conducted via government officials simply by Bob Woodward as well as the conferences of the National Safety Council set for you to react for the terrorist attack. Woodward provides an account of the plans and also responses the Bush administration took within responding towards the Al Qaeda terrorist attack. Indeed, your terrorist attack in the first year involving Bush in office was obviously a daunting challenge to handle; the entire world ended up being watching, regarding course, through your eye area of the president on which American would do concerning it. An analysis associated with the book will focus about the US' strategy to battle against terror inside Afghanistan, also because the tactical moves in comprehensively addressing the actual issue.

Threat to always be able to Internal Security

The bombings at the Twin Towers as well as the destruction of the Pentagon through your terrorist attacks posed a national security threat to America. Woodward addresses your vulnerability involving America following your terrorist attack. a critical examine Woodward's sentiments raises the particular important question, where has been the actual intelligence? How did the actual world's many potent nation succumb in order to this sort of disastrous catastrophe? after the actual attack, safety threat was a reality in the country; the possibility of an additional terrorist attack cannot are already underestimated. Your mounting security stress inside the nation pushed the us government to always be able to reply with urgency on the issue. The Particular government ended up being torn between consoling an previously shaken nation and also declaring war against Afghanistan. Because the president, Woodward records that Bush had to address the nation and supply the particular much-needed guidance at the duration of turmoil. Throughout his speech, “None people will forget this day; we should go forward as well as defend freedom and many sorts of that's just within the world” (Woodward, 2002, p. 31). Clearly, internal safety had been below threat within the US; hence, there is require for your government to place inside measures involving protecting the citizens and instilling confidence throughout them; Woodward unearths the concerns associated with Americans responding towards the attack.

Foreign Policy to always be able to Fight Terrorism

According for the book, Bush from War, any main foreign policy were required to arrive straight into play. Right After the attack, the actual president convened any National security Council, along with with each other along using his best security advisors, America declared war about terror. Your president had been committed in making sure the actual terrorist tendencies in the Al Qaeda failed to consider root. Your Bush administration expressed urgency within implementing its foreign policy involving fighting global terror at all costs.

The National security Council consisted involving President Bush, Vice-president Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Protection Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, National security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and also CIA Director George Tenet. the National security Council sought for you to formulate any feasible plan, which may get rid of the particular global threat. According to Woodward, the National security Council identified the actual Taliban and furthermore the Al Qaeda as global threats, which necessary to be wiped out together with immediate action. Since Afghanistan ended up being your headquarters regarding Al Qaeda activities, the actual administration declared war about the country. Attempting to become able to gain imperative info around the plans involving the us government within respect for the terrorist attack, Woodward conducted interviews between him as well as the National Safety Council members.

Particularly, his interview using President Bush unearthed the actual unrelenting efforts of America throughout addressing the particular issue. Bush argued that, “attacking Afghanistan would become a great opportunity to enhance relations using excellent powers like Russia along with China” Woodward, 2002, p. 32). According to the book, the us government saw the thought of stopping terrorism as the possible opportunity to enhance its relations with all the international community. Offered that, terrorism can become a global problem, the declaration associated with Bush's administration to address terror invited support coming from like-minded nations similar to Russia. Russia sought to support the US in its endeavor to end up being able to plant military motion inside Afghanistan. Moreover, despite intelligence details positing that, Afghanistan ended up being your headquarters in the Al Qaeda terrorist group, your CIA Director argued that “Terrorism would always be a global issue that will necessary to become eliminated via the global network” (Woodward, 2002, p. 33). Your book illustrates that the government's transfer in order to enact the actual foreign policy was timely, as it embarked on a global journey to fight terrorism.

Different Approaches in Handling the actual 9/11 attack

As discussed above, Woodward describes how a terrorist attack shocked America. The Actual devastating results of the particular bombings brought the government to its knees; barely a year following Bush took over as president. The Particular author illustrates in which it wasn't a simple thing to be able to react to the terrorist attacks. The Actual National Safety Council expressed various thoughts about the means to offer using the problem. Any significant trigger of disagreement among the National security Council members had been how to approach the particular issue. According towards the author, the actual president has been categorical that will Al Qaeda needed being wiped out (Woodward, 2002). Getting identified the actual Al Qaeda terrorist team led through Osama bin Laden since the main target regarding their operation, Bush mentioned that, “Handing over Osama just isn't enough, the complete Al Qaeda organization should be kicked out” (Woodward, 2002, p. 43).

The defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld interjected the particular approach and also asserted which it absolutely was imperative for that Safety Council to define its goals and objectives right (Woodward, 2002). According for the defense Secretary, there is need for the council for you to define whether it wanted to kick out Osama bin Laden as well as the Al Qaeda group, or to get rid of terrorism more broadly. Any critical analysis with the approaches advanced simply by Woodward demonstrate that America had been becoming faced by a massive challenge in which required deliberate along with strategic efforts to handle your issues with hand. the conflicting views around the strategic along with tactical ways of handling the actual issue found 1 conclusion; the actual deployment regarding military action within Afghanistan. Your decision in order to declare war on terror by embarking on a military action against Al Qaeda as well as Osama bin Laden was simply because of a group of discussions on this list of National Safety Council members. The Actual concerted efforts involving the us government officials played a huge role in deliberating on the reaction for the 9/11 attack. Bob Woodward's e-book is definitely an illustration of the government in crisis seeking to find viable answers towards the challenges with hand.

Woodward's e-book is a reflection involving American history in the hands of the government. Bush's administration made history by leading the entire world within fighting terrorism. the efforts of the then US government played a critical role throughout embarking about the lengthy journey involving combating global terrorism. Military motion against Afghanistan along with Iraq ended up being instrumental in initiating attempts to become able to reply to terror attacks. Bush in War justifies the cause why why America went to war against terrorism; the internal and foreign interests with the united States were from threat, thus, necessitating the government's strategy in order to unleash difficult stances against Afghanistan. Moreover, it illustrates the significance of foreign policy as being a political instrument in international relations. the assistance with the US off their countries throughout its invasion regarding Afghanistan demonstrated its political supremacy. Indeed, the bold actions in the Bush administration in response in order to 9/11 went a long way within redefining the actual global commitment throughout fighting terrorism, and also consequently triggered capture as well as killing of Osama bin Laden, the actual mastermind behind the actual 9/11 attack.


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